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The Rock Family has owned and operated Northgate Aviation Chico Jet Center for over 10 years and has been dedicated to providing excellent service to the airport community and all of those that visit KCIC. This dedication comes from a long standing legacy of service above self that is exemplified by Chris Rock's three tours in Vietnam. His multiple Bronze Stars are proudly displayed in the front office along with his father's Purple Heart and Croix de Guerre for service in WWII.

This dedication to service can also be seen in the care and attention taken in restoring the 1940s hangar that Northgate Aviation Chico Jet Center calls home. When entering the hangar, it is truly like stepping back in time with all the modern conveniences. There are two comfortable lounges, Wi-Fi, a beverage station, vending machines, and must-see themed, picture worthy bathrooms.

If KCIC is on your flight plan, we look forward to serving you and sharing with you the many wonderful aspects of the Chico community.

Northgate Aviation Chico Jet Center

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Our Latest Praise!

  • Dan Jacobs wrote:

    Had a starter problem today, and these guys were simply off the charts. They helped arrange transportation, external battery carts, even trying a charter effort. Completely blown away at how professional and helpful!! Top of the chart!!

  • Not just exceptionally friendly, but also competent and get it done! I diverted to Chico with my amphib 182 because the left brake pedal was going to the floor. I notified tower and when I shut down, Alicia was standing there, letting me know that while it was after 4:00, Steve the mechanic would be back to help. He bled the lines, problem solved, and he's a nice, and interesting guy. The line guys fueled me. Alicia brought me waters and goodies. I want to adopt them!

  • Northgate has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Their line service is awesome and they have always accommodated us with hangar space.

  • Bob Heath wrote:

    I had a mag failure in my DA40 while enroute to nearby RanchAero and diverted into KCIC for help. Steve at Northgate immediately offered whatever assistance I needed, whether it was help me fix it myself (I'm an A&P) or have him do the whole job. I asked that he do it so I could enjoy my family visit and he did a great job. I was on the road again, as scheduled, in 2 days after a very pleasant experience. Another transient aircraft arrived at the same time with alternator failure and I saw him get the same great treatment. Thanks Steve!

  • I'm not a frequent poster. I only post comments if the experience is really bad or really good. This is a family run business that treats everybody like family. My first flight in was a late arrival (after normal hours) and Alicia went completely out of her way to see to it that I had accommodations for the night and even offered to inconvenience her own family to increase my level of service. The next morning I was met at my hotel by Alicia with comfortable transportation, Starbucks, breakfast and a genuinely warm good morning! A few days later on my return trip I got diverted by weather and chose to land at Chico. Again, I was met with a family style greeting, tucked my plane in the hangar and they made reservations at one of the nicest hotels in town and dropped me off. It just doesn't get any better than this! They rent aircraft and have competent service personnel too! It's not easy to impress me but WOW! Fully warranted 5 star rating!!

  • My wife and I flew in to Chico for the first time on a Thursday afternoon two weeks ago and had one of the best experiences ever. We were offered bicycles to get to and from our distant parking spot as well as a crew vehicle to get to and from the local restaurants with ample direction on choices. We were even given Northern aviation hats and shirts. They filled the plane and cleaned the windshield while we were in town for dinner. We will be back to visit Chico again soon. Thanks Guys.

  • Alicia was so friendly and helpful when we pulled up in our medical Lear Jet. She drove us to our hotel and gave suggestions for dinner. Her cute dog, Mac, kept a secure eye out as we all unloaded our gear and refueled our jet for our mission the next day. Cory was kind enough to wake up very early to meet us at the FBO so we could make our take off time off 0500. And we loved the Star Wars themed bathrooms! Very unique and friendly environment. Great job Alicia!!! We will definitely be back!

  • Northgate has a great facility and friendly staff there at the Chico airport. I have bought fuel from them and hangared my Maule there in bad weather. On this occasion I needed help with a brake problem that the mechanic at the previous airport could not fix. Their mechanic Steve offered to take a look at it and within 5 minutes had it fixed! I was happy and on my way again. Thanks!

  • With 12 years of aviation experience, stopping at multiple FBO's in 42 of the lower 48, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the Northgate Aviation staff makes you feel like family. We broke down there for 5 days and Alicia Rock lent us the courtesy car for the whole time. Not only that, but upon meeting her, I explained that my wife was from that area and she took me on a personal tour of the city. This enabled my wife to relive childhood memories through photos that Alicia took of these places and me. I would highly recommend anyone with an opportunity to stop by!! Thanks again Alicia and crew, The AXEMEN!!!

  • Cameron is to be congratulated, as I had to land late with my Mirage the other night and he took care of everything. Hangaring, hotel, fuel, etc. That is what I needed after landing due to weather, a smiling and capable face. Thanks very much.

  • I had flown into Chico later in the evening with passengers who were running late. The guys working late were awesome and very helpful! When we were getting ready to depart the passengers showed up early and a backpack got left behind. The manager Alicia Rock (Yes she does ROCK!) got it sent out ASAP for us! Awesome job all around! Thanks so much for the awesome service! Looking forward to the next trip here!

  • They treat you like you are part of the family!

  • Flew my bosses into KCIC from KAPC last month. Alicia and her entire staff at Northgate were AWESOME! A lot of FBO's could learn a thing or two about customer service from Northgate Aviation. By far, the best services I've seen. Many thanks Alicia for your hospitality! I look forward to the next flight into KCIC!

  • Mark Brown wrote:

    GREAT FBO! Flew in for a quick fuel stop Oct. 2015. The ladies were delightful and helped us find an amazing cafe just down the road called the Foodie Cafe. They're currently doing some renovations, however the facilities were great nonetheless. Just a good, down home FBO.

  • Flew into Chico for business on a Friday morning parked right in front of Northgate and proceeded into office. I requested a crew car and the lady had me fill out a sign in book while she retrieved the car. Within minutes I was on my way to the business meeting. I returned later and thanked the lady at Northgate and departed. Seamless and easy experience, a great FBO I highly recommend and I will be sure to buy fuel next time from this excellent facility. Thanks Northgate.

  • Made a call to Northgate, they answered right away, came down to the north hangers and fueled up our Stinson L-5. Great and friendly service. I would recommend anytime.

  • Jim Evart wrote:

    While on a charter flight standing by at Northgate Aviation, we were given excellent service, instructions, crew car and hospitality that only comes from hard working, decent folks that I find only in areas where people work hard for a living and appreciate others. While there, I forgot one of my cell phones in one of their crew cars and I received it back via Priority mail without even mentioning the cost. I always find the time spent there rewarding and at home.

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