Thinking about Joining?

Butte Flying Club offers one of the best values imaginable for access to a beautiful, high performance Cessna 182!


  • The application fee to join Butte Flying Club is $750.
  • The monthly due: $75 (less than a typical subcompact car payment)
  • You must have logged 100 hours of flight time to join.

Using the plane

  • Reserve the aircraft 24x7 online!
  • The price to fly 86450 is $135/hour, wet, by tach.
  • You can reserve the plane for up to 7 days without other member approval.


  • Clean the aircraft after use.
  • Leave the plane with full fuel, or inform the club members when you are unable to.
  • Report squawks.

Contact Us

Flight Officer: Tom Binsfield
(530) 521-3380
tombinsfeld @

Financial Officer: David Cline
(530) 342-0963
clinefinancial @